Moscato 2017

Moscato from Vineyard 28 Harvey

A touch of pink, as it is made from Muscat Rouge a Petit Grains. Rich apricot and peach characters assail the palate. Wonderful light sweetness with a clean crisp finish.

Average Age of Vines: 10 years
Yield per Hectare: 5.5mt/Ha
Harvest Date: Vineyard 28 – 4th March 2017 Wildwater – 20th March 2017
Winemaking: Cold Ferment using stainless steel. A touch of pink. Rich peach and apricot characters assail the palate. A wonderful light sweetness, with a clean crisp finish. fun – spritzy – zesty
History: There are over 200 distinct members of the “muscat” family. Despite this diversity, one trait common to them all is a floral, grapey aroma. Theories about the origins of the grape date back to the ancient Egyptians and Persians of antiquity. Our Moscato is made from a strain of muscat grapes known as Muscat Rouges a Petits Grains. A red skinned muscat grape.
Food Pairing: Excellent as an aperitif wine with fresh fruit & cheese platters.
Cellaring: A wine to be enjoyed young and fresh. Drink now.
Awards: Wine Equip Award for ‘Geographe Best Sweet Table Wine’ at the 2017 Geographe & WA Alternative Varieties Wine Show.

Moscato 2017
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