Wildwater Vineyard Picnic


On Saturday 15th October we hosted a picnic adventure up at our Wildwater Vineyard. Starting at Vineyard 28, our guests took a bus up into the Harvey Hills to our Wildwater Vineyard. Our winemaker, Mark took everyone on a tour of the vineyard and they got to see the tree featured on our Wildwater Sparkling Pignoletto and meet owners Cath & Kim to learn more about the history of the land. 

We had a long table picnic lunch set up on the top of the hill overlooking the vineyard. The picnic was set up by our friends at Picnic Cheer with individual picnic boxes for each guest supplied by Thyme and Place. 

Our guests also got to taste our new release wines like our 2021 Sparkling Pignoletto, 2022 Fiano and our special release, the Jasper Rose and talk all things wine with Mark and Pippa. It was a beautiful day and thank you to everyone who came on this little adventure with us! We can’t wait to do it again next year!