Arneis Vertical Tasting Pack Exclusive to our Arneis Lovers

For a limited time here at Vineyard 28 we are offering you the opportunity to purchase our Arneis vertical tasting pack.

The Arneis Vertical tasting pack comprises of 6 bottles of wine:

– 2 bottles of Arneis Vintage 2014
– 2 bottles of Arneis Vintage 2015
– 2 bottles of Arneis Vintage 2016

A structured vertical tasting will give you a sense of the variations that can occur due to weather, winemaking and vineyard practices from year to year. Typically you should start with the youngest and progress to the oldest, as young wines tend to be less complex than their older counterparts.

Our Arneis is an excellent variety to demonstrate this. The young wines tend to be fresh and vibrant whereas the older vintage will demonstrate more texture, mouthfeel and complexity of characters.

This special vertical pack provides an opportunity for you to embark on a journey of exploration with the Vineyard 28 Arneis.

We would love to hear your feedback and let us know which was your favourite vintage. Drop us an email or post a note on our facebook page.

Available for a limited time only. (Shipping included)