New Release -2017 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

The 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon has just been released and is now available online and at the Cellar Door.

Both the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes are known for their origins in the producing wines from the Bordeaux Region in France. Here in Australia we often see the two grapes blended to create either what is known colloquially as SBS or SSB. This three letter acronym we’ve adopted in this country, all depends upon which grape is in the greatest quantity in the blend. Sauvignon Blanc dominant then it is called SBS, Semillon dominate, then we see SSB. A little known fact to many of the public is that once we use greater than 15% of another grape variety in a blend then we are required to list that variety on the label.

Our pale straw coloured wine has been blended to gain optimum in flavour and balance but still maintaining the characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc. A clean crisp palate of crunchy apples and juicy limes, with a lovely freshy citrusy finish. Great to enjoy now as a light summer drinking wine.

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Cellar Door Closed – Online Orders Open

As many people will know the Western Australian Bush Fires of the last few days came close to Vineyard 28, scarily close.

The house, the winery and the cellar door survived. The vines and fruit will have to be accessed for smoke damage but the good news is all the current wine is ok.  We now have some power via several big noisy generators. The adrenaline rush is over, but the hard work continues, cleaning up, washing, checking for embers and spot fires. Then getting back on track.

Our cellar door will be closed for 2-3 weeks , so please bear with us as we get everything sorted, cleaned and really to reopen. Online sales are available.

The best thing anyone can do now to help us is to buy our wine, this is a real ‘fire sale’.
Place your orders online.
NO phone orders please as our phones are currently needed for emergency communication at this stage.

We are so grateful to our neighbours, friends and everyone who has helped by sending messages, food and other forms of support.

Thank You

Mark & Pippa


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