Mark Pippa Owners Vineyard 28Vineyard 28 – Wines to enjoy.

Mark & Pippa welcome you to Vineyard 28, our award winning wines, quilts and crafts.

Partners in business and life we embarked on a ‘tree change’, before it was fashionable, when we returned from Melbourne to Mark’s home state in 1997.

With our 18 month old son Bailey in tow, we managed to find a 10 acre property in the North West of the Harvey Shire. We commenced planting vines in the Spring of 1998, initially with four trial rows, and over the past years have extended this to become Vineyard 28, adding a daughter Gabrielle to the family in 1999 and the Cellar Door in 2005.

We are a family owned and operated boutique vineyard, where we grow varieties we are passionate about and enjoy making wine from. Mark is our winemaker, with a particular interest in alternative varieties.

Pippa is the creative one, whence the quilts and loves all things Italian.
Nebbiolo Crush 2013Thus we discovered the best way to combine our efforts was to not only make some of the more traditional wines of

  • Sauvignon Blanc Semillion
  • Cabernet Sauvignon

but also our Italian styles

  • Arneis
  • Nebbiolo
  • Dolcetto
  • and Moscato.

What’s in a name

We often get asked why Vineyard 28?

28 ParrotsBack when we first began, and were looking for a name, we had these raucous cheeky birds constantly visiting the vineyard – great at pruning young vines.

It often said when you can’t beat them you find another way around the problem, hence the name – Vineyard 28.