2022 Jasper Rose

Our beloved wine dog Jasper

Remembered as the Chief Concierge at our Cellar Door, our beloved family wine dog Jasper passed away in May 2021, at the age of 15. Heading into the 2022 vintage, Mark and Pippa wanted to do something to commemorate Jasper and decided to make the 2022 Jasper Rose.

Jasper joined the family in April 2006 and grew up alongside our kids. He loved to go on walks in the bush and to visit the beach. Then at home, if he wasn’t following one of the family around, Jasper could be found on his beloved couch.

Many of you would have been able to meet Jasper over the years when visiting the Cellar Door and knew how much he loved meeting and greeting you all. Although, he would get a bit slack on his duties in summer, as it was much too hot some days and he would stay indoors with the airconditioning.

One of his favourite times of year was vintage when he could round up the harvest crew and snack on some grapes (when he really shouldn’t have). When it came to morning tea time, he would stare longingly at whoever he decided might give in and sneak him some of their muffin or biscuit.

2022 Jasper Rose

This label, with Jasper wearing his usual kerchief, has been designed by local artist and friend of Vineyard 28, Yvonne Chapman.

Made from our Nebbiolo grapes, this rose is gorgeous salmon pink in colour with hints of strawberries on the palate. Luscious and refreshing, with a hint of spritz.

We hope you enjoy our 2022 Jasper Rose.